Inspectionable plate to plate heat exchangers

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Inspectionable plates Instantaneous DHW production European warranty

PHC heat exchangers are used in all istallations, domestic, residential and commercial, where you need a thermic heat exchange between fluids. They are suitable for domestic hot water production either instantaneously or with storage, heating of swimming pools using different energy sources (traditional or biomass boiler, solar thermal system, heat pump, etc.).
PHC plate heat exchangers can also be used in systsems of district heating systems, in heat recovery systems, for hydraulic separation of installations.
The new range of Cordivari PHC plate heat exchangers consists of 9 models, combined with the variablitiy of plates number, type of gaskets and maximum operating pressure, which allows to cover a very wide range of applications, offery every potentiality and satisfaying all typical thermohydraulic application conditions.
Thanks tothe possibility of opening the exchanger for cleaning or changing the configuration, the PHC heat exchangers are particularly suitable in installations with high performances, wherever there is a need for a flexible, high-performance exchanger that allows maintenance operations.
PHC heat exchangers are designed for the field of appliction and within the operating limits according to Art. 4.3 of the PED directive 2014/68/EU.

• Frames (not in contact with fluids) in painted carbon steel
• Plate guides, tie rods and nuts (not in contact with fluids) in galvanised carbon steel
• Threaded fittings and heat exchange plates (in contact with fluids in AISI 316L stainless steel)
• Removable EPDM or NBR gaskets.

• Quick access for inspection and maintenance
• Modular design
• Plates with an excellent overall heat transfer coefficient
• Corrosion-resistant
• Rigorous quality tests performed in-house
• Plate conformation designed for maximum exchange performance.

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