50 years of story, between values and entrepreneurship


Established in 1972 by Ercole Cordivari, Cordivari Srl is one of the most important manufacturers in the lItalian heating and plumbing industry. The company is specialized in the production of hydrothermal systems for domestic, civil and industrial environments.

Cordivari production is divided into different product families such as radiators and towel rails, tanks, cylinder vessels, water heaters, thermal storage, vessels for pressurized fluids, solar thermal systems, heat pump thermal systems, water storage and treatment systems. The company produces the entire range in 4 industrial plants located in Italy.

The market-oriented approach and the sustainable innovation of products and processes, implemented through qualified strategies and highly qualified management, together with an efficient and articulated production and distribution structure, make Cordivari a company in constant evolution. For over 20 years the company has embraced the philosophy of total quality.

The technological, ergonomic, logistical and environmental choices are constantly oriented towards a work that places the man and the environment at the center. An ethical and technological belief that is renewed daily to offer customers efficient, reliable and low ecological impact footprint products and solutions.

Thanks to the commercial and distribution structure and service organization, aimed at punctuality and efficiency, the company is able to provide solutions in every corner of the globe. The traditional attention and control of the internal market are accompanied by a strong orientation towards the export side; The company today exports about 40% of the total value of its production.

Cordivari brand is today one of the best expressions of Made In Italy, a worldwide quality, comfort and innovation embassador.

Mission and Company Policy

Our company mission is to improve the comfort of living spaces though the design and production of calorifiers, pressure vessels, Solar and integrated thermal systems, decorative radiators, water treatment and recovery systems and metal finishing, complying with all applicable regulations and giving full satisfaction to our customers, partners and employees, working in safe and healthy working conditions and environments, achieving highiest quality and respecting the environment.

Achieving our corporate mission means respecting the world around us, leaving it for posterity better than we found it.

As long we will have the will to improve, our company will exist.

All our work is oriented towards the pursuit of customer satisfaction and increasing customer value, where customer means not only the end consumer, but all intrested parties (entities, citizens, public administration, institutions, employees, etc.) hence “stakeholder”.
The general management also assumes the responsiblity of periodically reviewing the policy and objectives to ensure their continued suitability.

Our corporate mission: to respect the world around us, leaving it better than we found it.

Therefore, Cordivari S.r.l.  is committed to allocate adequate resources so that the following objectives are achieved:

  • Improve customer service, reducing the delivery time of its products and the number of complaints;
  • Improve the productivity and efficiency of their processes;
  • More formally structure procedures in areas to accomodate sustainability issues;
  • Improve the time to market of the product offer in line with sustainability;
  • Consolidate the organizatinal model for projects and implement new organizational forms for change;
  • Reducing resource consumption and reducing produced waste;
  • Monitor energy and water consumption in order to identify in more detail the most energy-efficient processes and on these activate improvement plans, with the aim of lowering consumption;
  • Extend by 2024 the UNI EN ISO 14001 environmental management system to all the company’s production sites;
  • Consolidate and complete the Safety Management System according to regulation UNI ISO 45001:2018 by 2023;
  • Consolidate a management system for safety compliance training with audits and supervision and consequent reduction of near misses and accidents;
  • Diffuse the culture of safety and prevention through consultation, involvement and training of staff;
  • Pay attention, among the safety objectives, in the manual handling of loads and ergonomics and adopt measures to reduce them by at least 10% through investment actions with consequent improvement of the working well-being.

Cav. Ercole Cordivari


The company mission is completed with the company values system, a system of ethics and behavior criteria and standards in which we believe and which we consider as a reference map that allows us to orient ourselves not only in the internal context, but with all the stakeholders who enter in touch with the world of Cordivari:

  • First of all, the Persons and mutual respect. Without good foundations, no construction is possible.
  • The company is a team in which persons are the most important asset.
  • We work together to meet the needs of our customers and to help our company to win.
  • Each person is important, everyone has the opportunity to grow and make a difference.
  • Suppliers are partner that we treat with loyalty, fairness, and integrity.
  • We consider business partners as allies in serving and satisfying our stakeholders.
  • Grow knowing how to transform critical issues into development factors.
  • A defeat must always be the basis for a victory.
  • Not authoritarian, but authoritative. A manager does not need to impose himself to enforce rules and make those close to him grow.