Multi-heat energy buffer with stainless steel 316L DHW corrugated coil

Technical Information



Heating hot water storage Rapid DHW production Warranty: 5 years

Heating hot water storage and rapid D.H.W. production.

BUFFER TANK: Mild steel painted on the outside. Buffer intented for closed circuit installation, so no anti-corrosion treatment is provided.
D.H.W. STORAGE: Stainless steel 316L corrugated coil, suitable for D.H.W. according to D. M. n. 174 dated 06.04.04.

Multi-Heat Energy tanks EcoCombi 1 Domus are used in units with a typically discontinuous energy source for double use: heating system and domestic hot water systems.
• Thermal storage, combining the possibility to produce hot water for sanitary use. In such case, storage heating volume allows the generator to regularly work, limiting number of stops due to the inadequate energy request of the heating systems. Moreover, it limits the emission of smoke and the creation of corrosive condensate (smoke side).
• Domestic hot water production system for domestic and sanitary use where heating water is stored. In this system, the high potentiality of the Eco Combi allows to obtain a good production of hot sanitary water even if temperatures of the primary system are not so high (i.e using heat pumps as primary source and solar source as support).
The particular shape of the corrugated pipe avoids any problem relating to the storage of domestic hot water and ensures high heat exchange performances.

High thermal insulation with ecological hard polyurethane foam. Grey PVC external lining complete with top cover.

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