Thermosiphon solar system for DHW production

Technical Information



Solar thermal system with natural circulation Flat solar collector DHW production Warranty: 5 years

The Solar Thermal System PANAREA is the most practical and economic solution, due to its reliability and because of an easy and quick installation.

– Insulation in mineral wool.
– Anodized aluminum structure.
– Highly selective absorber.
– Impact test according to EN 12975 and EN 9806.
– Tempered glass according to EN 12150.
– Certified by Dubai Municipality.

INTERKA POLYWARM® FOR PANAREA with capacity from 150 to 300 lt.
– Mild steel.
– Internal Polywarm coating, suitable for drinking water according to 98/83/CE and subsequent amendments and DHW certification of internal Polywarm treatment DHW – SSICA – DVGW – W270 – UBA – WRAS.
– Double walled heat exchanger.
– High thermal insulation with ecological polyurethane hard foam and steel external lining, upper top and flange cover in steel.
– Fixing kit for flat or pitched roof galvanized according to UNI EN 1179 (99,9 % PURE ZINC).

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