Stainless steel/galvanized/polyethilene

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Open expansion tanks are used as safety accessories in the heating systems where, due to legal reason it is forbidden to install closed expansion tank systems. Expansion tank is composed by a cover unit where all the security piping of outlet pipe for too full, supplying and systems charge, should arrive.
Its rule is to merge the water in excess caused by temperature increase.
Expansion Tank should be placed on the highest point reached by the water and should have an expanding volume not less than the expansion volume developed by all the water contained in the system , whose value should be declared in the project.

Expansion volume needed in the system is calculated by the following formula:
“Ve = C x e”
Where C is the water contained in the system and “e” is equal to the difference between the expansion factor of the water at the minimum conceivable temperature with sleeping system and the expansion factor of the water at boiling temperature of atmospheric pressure. Considering the first water temperature equal to 10°C and the boiling one at 100°C
“e” = 0.0431
It is possible to connect more than one tank together.

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