KELLY 5010

Towel warmer

Technical Information

KELLY 5010


Heating Functioning: hot water Steel European warranty Upside down

Made with two vertical collectors that support the flat radiant elements arranged in homogeneous groups that act as useful towel rails, KELLY 5010 combines minimal and functional design with the wide range of colored shades of the Cordivari color chart.

In the hot water version, KELLY 5010 is reversible and offers the possibility of being installed in a flexible way, perfectly satisfying the needs of use and the ergonomics of each bathroom. The central connection of 50 mm gives a perfectly tidy and compact installation result.

The quality of construction, the cleanliness of the welds and the excellent painting process guarantee high reliability. The design of the thermal circuit guarantees very high outputs.

• Vertical collectors in painted mild steel ø 38 mm.
• Horizontal heating elements in painted mild steel 50×10 mm.

Painted with ecological epoxy powders (Certificate DIN 55900-1,-2).

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