Smart controller with temperature probe

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Practical and intuitive Programmable with App or via Web

Cordivari Heat Manager® is the new smart Wi-Fi controller for remote management of the electric heaters from smartphone IOS or Android.
Thanks to the application it is possible to manage, program and monitor, conveniently from your mobile phone, the operation of the electric heaters by setting their temperature and operating time bands.

Heat Manager® is practical and intuitive, it is in fact sufficient to install the application and connect the smart controller to your home Wi-Fi network. The management application is also available in web application mode, so to allow access also via web browser from anywhere. With Cordivari Heat Manager® it is possible to manage electric heaters connected to any boiler or to a compact solar thermosyphon systems.

• Suitable for the management of electric heating elements up to 3Kw.
• Manage several water heater with one app.
• Also available on web application.
• Maximise comfort and efficiency.

Connect to the Web App: www.cordivariheatmanager.com

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