Towel warmer with blower electric module for the ventilated function

CLAUDIA BLOWER enriches and enhances the features of an electric towel rail thanks to the use of a thermo-ventilated module, which transforms the radiator into an object capable of giving maximum comfort without wasting energy.

Thanks to the daily and weekly programming, the system allows you to always keep consumption under control, also thanks to the energy consumption indicators and detectors. Equipped with an high precision “intelligent” electronic PID regulation, for a stable and accurate bath temperature all year round.

With an ultra-discreet design, the electric and blower module is equipped with a dust filter, which can be removed at any time from both sides of the radiator, for maximum ease and effectiveness of sanitization.

• Vertical collectors in painted mild steel semi oval 30×40 mm.
• Horizontal heating elements in painted mild steel ø 25 mm.
• Heat transfer fluid.

Fan heater with integrated PID electronic controller; with presence / absence detector, Open window detector; self-learning and self-programming function optimized with priority on comfort or energy saving.
Power 1000 Watt – 230 V 50 Hz • On / Off Switch • Temperature settings: +10°C to + 30°C.

Painted with ecological epoxy powders (Certificate DIN 55900-1,-2).