Electric tubular radiator

High thermal yields, ease of cleaning and flexibility of use are the hallmarks of the Ardesia® tubular, heating elements with a traditional design that furnish any living trend with style.

The production of Ardesia® tubular is carried out with the most modern construction technologies, through robotic production lines and highly specialized welding processes to guarantee perfect execution, absolute cleanliness and reliability over the years.

The painting is performed exclusively with the use of ecological epoxy powder paints through a process of 12 distinct phases to ensure excellent results that last over the years and an unmatched brilliance.

• Moulded heads in mild steel.
• Electro-welded mild steel tubes ø 25 mm.
• Heat transfer fluid.

Painted with ecological epoxy powders (Certificate DIN 55900-1,-2).

The radiator is protected by recyclable carton box. User notice included.

Universal rapid safety kit and user notice included. The kit is certified from TÜV in compliance with VDI 6036 – class 3.

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